Our main product Best Charcoal is one of the premium charcoals of the world. The Best Charcoal contains 100% Quebracho Blanco (White oak) and is ideal for restaurants, retailers and even home BBQ’s. Quebracho Blanco wood, also known as “axe breaker” due to its extreme density, is 40% harder than other lump charcoal woods and gives double the typical heat and burn time of a briquette. Enjoy hours of clean and low smoke cooking.

The Best Charcoal is easy to light and is usually ready to cook in about 15 minutes. Due to its long durations, no spark, high heat and very low ash content, you’ll never want to cook with anything else.

Ideal for use with all types of Kamado BBQ’s.

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Marcel Hegeman; + 31 646 566 766



    Our charcoal burns extremely hot
    With over 7000 cal/g of cooking power
    Your grilling will be done in no time


    Despite its intense heat, our charcoal
    still gives you 3+ hours of burn time
    That means 3+ hours of a
    clean, smoke-free burn!


    Only the best quality charcoal should be
    used for hookah. That’s why briquettes are never used
    Our charcoal is smoke-free and 100% natural
    Making it ideal for hookah


    The harder the wood, the better the charcoal.
    That is why we use Quebracho Blanco
    Also known as the axe-breaker


    Our charcoal is made the traditional way
    Our wood is handpicked, hand-cut and hand-fired
    in our signature brick kiln

  • 100% NATURAL

    Our charcoal is all natural with no chemicals
    Without fillers, binding agents and toxins
    You will taste the food you’re making,
    not chemicals.

White Oak Charcoal

Restaurant quality from South America. Available in 15 kg bags.

A blend of Birch and Oak

Restaurant quality from Europe.
Available in 10 kg bags.

A Mix of Acacia and Eucalyptus

Restaurant quality from South Africa. Available in 10 kg bags.

A Mix of Birch and Aspen

Sourced from both Birch and Aspen. This restaurant quality charcoal guarantees excellent barbecue performance.