Mix of Acacia and Eucalyptus 10KG




The harder the wood, the better the charcoal. That is why we use black wattle to make our world-class charcoal.
At Bestcharcoal, our charcoal is still made the traditional way – with love, sweat and tears. Our wood is handpicked, handcut and hand-fired in our signature brick kilns.
Our charcoal is all natural with no chemicals or additives. Other charcoals contain fillers, binding agents and toxins that are unhealty and ruin the flavor of your food. Taste what you made, not what you made it with.

Our charcoal burns extremely hot. With over 7000 cal/g of cooking power, it packs twice the punch of briquettes. Your grilling will be done in no time.
Despite its intense heat, our charcoal still gives you 3+ hours of burn time. And with no fillers or additives, that means 3+ hours of a clean, smoke-free burn.

We deeply care about environment and have never felled a tree for the specific purpose of making charcoal. 100% of our raw material is scrap timber from developing farms that are approved by FSCĀ®, ensuring that our charcoal fully complies with all conservation laws.