Purely naturalcharcoal

Onze houtskool is volledig natuurlijk. Zonder chemicaliën, vulstoffen, bindmiddelen en toxines. Je proeft het eten dat je maakt, geen chemicaliën.

100% organic

Bestcharcoal Premium houtskool

Our main product Best Charcoal is one of the premium charcoals of the world. The Best Charcoal contains 100% Quebracho Blanco (White oak) and is ideal for restaurants, retailers and even home BBQ’s. Our charcoal is all natural with no chemicals. Enjoy hours of clean and low smoke cooking.

Extreme hot

Quebracho Blanco wood, also known as “axe breaker” due to its extreme density, is 40% harder than other lump charcoal woods and gives double the typical heat and burn time of a briquette.

Long lasting

Quebracho Blanco is easy to light and is usually ready to cook in about 15 minutes. Due to its long durations, no spark, high heat and very low ash content, you’ll never want to cook with anything else.

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